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Marseille, known in antiquity as Massalia, is the second largest city in France  with a population of 852,395 within its administrative limits on a land area of 240.62 km2 (93 sq mi). The urban area of Marseille extends beyond the city limits with a population of over 1,420,000 on an area of 1,204 km2 (465 sq mi). 1,530,000 or 1,601,095 people live in the Marseille metropolitan area, ranking it 3rd among French metropolitan areas after Paris and Lyon. Located on the southeast coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is France's largest commercial port and largest French city on the Mediterranean coast. Marseille is the capital of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, as well as the capital of the Bouches-du-Rhône department. Its inhabitants are called Marseillais.

Marseille Education

Marseille has a systematic way of educating the students of all ages. Education starts at an early age of 3 years. The subjects and the hours of study are divided beforehand by the authorities so that all ...

Marseille Tourist Information

Marseille is the second-biggest city in France and is known for its stunning Mediterranean coastline and major harbour.

Marseille Tourism

Marseille Tourism is an integral part of Marseille trade and industry. The tourism industry of Marseille also supports some ancillary industries. The vibrant port city of Marseille, France draws a large ...

Marseille Culture

Marseille is a city that is proud of its differences from the rest of France. Today it is a regional centre for culture and entertainment with an important opera house, historical and maritime museums, five ...

Marseille Demographics

Because of its pre-eminence as a Mediterranean port, Marseille has always been one of the main gateways into France.

Marseille Administration

Marseille is divided into 16 municipal arrondissements, which are themselves informally divided into quartiers (111 in total). The arrondissements are regrouped in pairs, into 8 secteurs, each with a mayor ...

Marseille Economy

Historically, the economy of Marseille was dominated by its role as a port of the French Empire, linking the North African colonies of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia with Metropolitan ...

Marseille Geography

Marseille is the second largest city commune in France after Paris and is the centre of the second largest metropolitan area in France.

Marseille Overview

Looking out across the azure Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by rolling hills and the white limestone cliffs of the Calanques, Marseille enjoys a fantastic setting.
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