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The Frioul Islands

The Frioul archipelago points to the coast the relief of its 4 islands: Pomègues, Ratonneau, If and Tiboulen.

Calanques, beaches, sandy creeks, impressive cliffs, the light quality and the water transparency make the islands a spot of great beauty. Still a conservation area, it is an authentic encounter in the Mediterranean sea. The microclimate generates original and rare floral species, adapted to the conditions of aridity that characterize the spot. Furthermore, the Mistral is the great actor of the islands, it sculpts, gnaws and arranges them.

The islands are also the kingdom of plants called "xérophytes" because of the dryness and "alophytes" because of the salt and their strange forms. 200 species can be observed and some are protected.

These islands are also a refuge for numerous birds. They are, for example, the favorite domain of the Caspian Gull, called "gabian" in Provence.

Since 1971 the Frioul Archipelago belongs to the city of Marseille. The little village "Port Frioul" was created in 1974. There are some restaurants, a leasure port with 700 rings that welcomes numerous visitors. This island also is the shelter of the first biological aquaculture, for bass, in the world.

On the Frioul island, many creeks can be reached after a walk as well as lovely beaches : Maison des Pilotes (sand), le Havre de Morgiter (cobblestones and rocks), the calanque of Saint Estève (sand), the "plage du débarcadère" (cobblestones).
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