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Fairs and markets -Marseilles - French Riviera

Things to do in Marseille

Marseille is a popular French city and is one of the oldest cities in France. Every year many tourists visit Marseille.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Marseille

Part of going to Marseille is taking in the nightlife, which is best shared without kids.

Entertainment In Marseille

With its multicultural society, Marseille has a delightful smorgasbord of entertainment choices to suit any taste.

Family Things to Do In Marseille, France

Marseille BasilicaMarseille, France is a bustling metropolis of over a million inhabitants. Not only is it France’s second largest city now, having passed Lyon in the mid-1990’s for second place, ...

Marseille Opera

Marseille opera is very famous for its presentation that highlights the tradition and culture of the city. They provide a good deal of entertainment to the people ...

Marseille Music

Marseille music, particularly the hip-hops and raps, are popular with the music lovers of the city. There are some famous music bands like the Massilia Sound System, IAM, Psy4 de la rime, 3eme Oeil and Fonky ...

Marseille Art, Culture and Entertainment

Marseille art, culture and entertainment are to a great extent influenced by the tradition of France. Writers and poets like Edmond Rostand, Valere Bernard, Andre Roussin and Pierre Bertas were born ...

Marseille Sports

There are wide varieties of sports that are practiced in Marseille. The city is a place of delight for sports lovers.

Marseille Festival (Festival de Marseille)

Celebrating the worlds of dance, music, theatre and cinema, the three-week event brings a new surge of life to the already bustling city with a packed programme of artistic ...
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