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Pizzaria Etienne: being ripped-off with the french

Where do I start? Well, I'd heard some stories about this place before we went: tales of fluctuating prices, celebrities, tourists being ripped-off, and anyone daring to complain being thrown out on their ...

La Maison: A great experience

We discovered this restaurant throught the good advice of our owner of our guest house. And i have to admit it was a good surprise. the entrance of the restaurant is not along the street but through the ...

La Mariniere at Vieux Port: Bouillabaisse at its best

Near the restaurant a couple of cows exchanging?

Le Pirate: al fresco moules

We were on the islands of Frioul when someone suggested lunch.. so we found ourselves in "Le Pirate" which is situated on top of a hill overlooking the ...

Les Arcenaulx: superb beef and fish

Les Arcenaulx is a restaurant situated in a small complex of shops (books and gifts) which are all connected.

Nam-Viet: Vietnamese

The Nam-Viet is a bit of an enigma: a restaurant that goes from the sublime to the ridiculous in one fell swoop. Don`t get me wrong.

Le Bistrot à Vin

At the reception of our hotel we found a small booklet with restaurant recommendations for Marseille. One of the mentioned restaurants was Bistrot a Vin.

Brasserie La Coupole

We ran into La Coupole by accident. It is situated in Rue Haxo, a few streets up from the Vieux Port.

Bars and Cafes in Marseille

One of the things not to be missed while visiting Marseille are the Marseille Bars and Cafes. When visiting Marseille during the afternoon you might want to stop by a café and grab a mid-afternoon ...

Le Petit Nice Restaurant

When in Marseille, do as the discerning Marseillians – dine at Le Petit Nice.
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